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Our Nurses

Jenny Swan

Nurse in Charge

Jenny has been at CRVMC since its inception and has the nurse’s station running like a well oiled machine.


Janet Fitzpatrick

Women’s Health Clinic

Janet organizes our well women’s clinic and is passionate about woman’s health.

Trish Stocks

Practice Nurse

Trish’s friendly face is always welcoming at the nurse’s station.

Sharon Varis

Practice Nurse/Well Women’s Clinic

Sharon is an experienced local nurse who has been a wonderful addition to our nursing team. Sharon is also a well-known midwife in Collie and brings this interest in women’s health to our practice.

Christianna Nicholls

Practice Nurse/Asthma Educator

Christianna offers a wealth of local, nursing experience. Since joining our nursing team, Christianna has trained as an asthma and COPD educator. She is passionate about educating patients about chronic airways disease and helping improve the health of many people who are affected by this.

Dawn Martin

Practice Nurse

Dawn is our most recent recruit but has worked as a nurse in Collie for many years. Her experience is a great benefit to our nursing team.

Tegan Piggott

Practice Nurse

Tegan is the newest member of our nursing team.  She spends her time working at the surgery and at our local hospital.

Julie Morton

Nurse Administrator

Julie is our most experienced receptionist (also been at CRVMC since it opened). Recently, Julie’s role has changed to focus on organising preventative health clinics and general administration for the practice nurses.