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Our Reception


Angela Sutherland

Practice Manager

Although quoted as “one powerball…”, we are sure that Angela does truly love us otherwise she wouldn’t have been with CRVMC since it opened in 1998! Our local Collie girl is responsible for organising the administration of the surgery.

Chantelle-FontanaChantelle Fontana

Assistant Practice Manager

Chantelle is our friendly and enthusiastic Assistant Practice Manager who can solve any task given to her in a timely manner. She is known to have everything in her office very well organised and colour coordinated in pink.

Deb DeAngelis


She is back! Deb has returned back to the team and still stands as one of our most experienced receptionists. She is known for making our patients laugh with her witty humor.


Kelly Davies


Kelly has been part of our reception team for many years. As a part time receptionist and a full time mum, she has extensive knowledge about CRVMC and the services that we offer.

Britt Shaw

Receptionist / Audiometric Officer

Britt has been working at CRVMC since 2007. Since then, she has trained as an audiometric officer and offers weekly hearing checks. Also known as ‘Super Mum’ Britt finds time to look after three kids, work part time and also bake fresh cakes for morning tea every week.



Chloe Curran

Receptionist/Audiometric Officer

Chloe also started working at our surgery in 2007 as a receptionist. She is also trained in audiometric testing. Chloe is often found at 28 Harvey Street as part of the team for our occupational health service and health assessments.


Aimee Sciesinski

Receptionist/Audiometric Officer

Aimee joined our reception team in December 2013. She has recently completed qualifications as an audiometric officer and can also offer hearing checks.  Her wonderful smile and friendly personality is always welcoming at our front reception. Our new mum Aimee is always happy, especially when Britt has baked some thing tasty!

Megan Crowe


Megan joined us in February 2018. She has been very busy planning her wedding for this year. We can’t wait to see her on her special day.

Inger van Merm


Inger is our newest member of reception. She moved to Collie a year ago with her family. We all look forward to getting to know her better!