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CRVMC has a long and proud association with obstetric care in Collie. At present, we have three doctors providing obstetric services including labour and hospital based care.

Dr Peter Wutchak has been practicing obstetrics in the area for over 17 years and he is also anaesthetically trained which allows him to provide epidural based pain relief options.

maternity2Dr Jan Van Vollenstee has obstetric experience both in South Africa and Australia. As a GP surgeon, he is able to perform elective and emergency caesarean sections.

Dr Shang Wei Chong has completed the past several years at King Edward Memorial Hospital where he was a Resident Medical Officer and a Registrar.  Although new to our team, he is able to offer services in obstetrics.

Also, Dr Adrian Lee is able to provide anaesthetic coverage that will allow epidurals for labout and caesarean sections.

As a team, our doctors can provide complete obstetric care for low risk patients.

Collie is a part of the South West Health system and a strong association with Bunbury based specialist. We are a low to low-medium level care service. All medium to high risk cases will need to be managed through the Bunbury high risk clinic (to minimise risk to mothers and their babies).

For further enquiries in regard to obstetric care, please contact reception.