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Injury Management

injury1Effective injury management aims to use the most appropriate treatment for the best overall outcome and to ensure an injured worker can return to work promptly and safely. We understand the need to reduce an employee’s risk of developing chronic injury complaints.

CRVMC offers an integrated approach that utilises the services of GPs, Exercise Physiologists, and experienced Nurses in a purpose built facility. Our doctors are actively involved with the local hospital in Collie and we have a doctor on-call for the emergency department 24/7. This allows us to offer a complete injury management program from the point of acute assessment through to chronic injury rehabilitation. During business hours, any injured worker can present to our surgery for immediate triage by our experienced practice nurses and then be seen by the on-call doctor who will initiate a coordinated treatment plan. This comprehensive, local approach allows us to provide a complete injury management service.

Guardian Exercise Rehabilitation specialises in work based injury rehabilitation and can assist with return to work programmes. CRVMC has also fostered a good relationship with Physio Group South West (located next to our surgery) so physical therapies can commence early, if required, as part of our comprehensive plan. Other Allied health options are also available within the Collie community so injury management can largely be provided close to the workplace and allow easy access to treatment during the crucial period when a worker returns to work.

For further details, please contact our reception team.