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Asthma Education

ast1Asthma and emphysema are serious common diseases. The treatment and management of these diseases can be complex. Sudden severe episodes can occur at times and these can be frightening for those involved.

CRVMC offer specific clinics to help improve management of these conditions and plan the management of acute episodes. We have a trained Asthma Educator as part of our nursing team. Christianna has regular sessions to provide formal asthma and airways disease education, part of which involves explaining how to effectively use asthma medication devices.

Our doctors are all trained to provide comprehensive asthma and airways disease planning including how to manage acute severe episodes. Research has shown these plans are effective in calming patients and their families aiding effective management of flare ups and acute episodes. Following an effective plan may avoid trips to the doctor or hospital during these episodes.

For further information, please contact our reception team.