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Healthy Kid Check

A complete health check at 4 years of age allows for more subtle issues that have developed since birth to be identified and managed prior to starting formal education. Such things as visual disturbances, speech delays, etc. can be identified and actively managed. By treating early, the aim is for the child to maximise their abilities and hopefully avoid educational delays.

kids1CRVMC strongly endorses the childhood immunisation programme. This check also allows us to ensure that your child is up to date with their vaccinations including the scheduled 4-year-old vaccination. If, as parents, you consciously object to childhood vaccination, this can be discussed at this time and formally documented, which is a requirement for many schools.

The beginning of school is a major milestone in a child’s life and we all wish children to be healthy and functioning at the best of their ability at this important time. A simple check can help ensure your child has a successful start to their school life.

For further details, please contact our reception team.