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Hearing Checks

CRVMC offers a hearing check service for the detection of hearing loss. This friendly, local service is offered at GP28. The clinics are held by Chloe Curran, Aimee Sciesinski and Britt Shaw who are fully trained audiometric officers.

This is a bulk billed service.

A hearing test will take about 15 to 20 minutes. Ears are checked by a GP and then one of our audiometric officers will conduct the test in our audiology booth. Copies of the test will be given to you and put in your medical file for the doctor to view. We can also arrange further testing or assessment for hearing aids through our on-site audiologist from Audika.

If ear canals are blocked, you may have a result that indicates false hearing loss. So before we can test your hearing accurately you may need to have your ear syringed by our practice nurse. If this is required, a $33 cost will be charged for this service. In addition, Ear Clear will also need to be purchased for this procedure. The hearing test can then be done 48 hours after syringing.

Hearing loss of any degree can affect your enjoyment of daily life. Early detection can make a difference.