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We would love to support you having a Collie baby!

Collie River Valley Medical Centre is pleased to announce an extension of our maternity service to our community. We now have 2 doctors providing obstetric services for low risk patients within Collie.

Dr Peter Wutchak has been practicing obstetrics in the area for over 20 years. He is anaesthetically trained which allows epidural based pain relief options.

Dr Jeff Kallawk has 5 years of Obstetric experience. He is able to provide Ante Natal Care , Obstetric management to low risk patients, normal deliveries, elective and emergency Caesareans and all forms of womens health issues.

Dr Jan Van Vollenstee has obstetric experience in both South Africa and Australia.  He now provides Ante Natal Care/ Shared Care for our Obstetric patients.

All Doctor’s are able to provide and manage Ante Natal Care/Appointments up to 28 weeks.

Also, Dr Adrian Lee is able to provide anaesthetic coverage that will allow epidurals for labour and caesarean sections.

When many towns are struggling to keep their maternity units open, we are working hard with the Collie hospital to build our maternity unit. For this to be successful, we need the support of the community.